Course curriculum

  • 2

    Story telling

    • Tips for story telling in pictures

  • 3

    What to capture

    • What I'm documenting right now

  • 4

    Better pictures every time

    • Improve your images in minutes

  • 5

    Upside down portraits

    • How to do a quick upside down portrait

  • 6

    Fun toilet roll ideas

    • Tips & ideas

    • Tips for editing your toilet film

    • Simple toilet roll video example

    • Toilet roll video example - with friends

  • 7

    Putting a film together

    • Editing a film in iMovie

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Shape your memories

Do you want a sneak peek at how I am document our family's Corona stay? I am very intentionally shaping my memories of this phase, and the memories of our boys.
It is really important to me that we come out of this with a positive experience, and with that aim in mind, I am currently capturing our every day with visual story telling.

This isn't a "challenge" (the last thing we need right now is a challenge!), and this isn't something you have to do every day, this is just inspiration for what you can document, how to story tell with your images and some fun ideas. Use your phone, camera, images or video, anything goes...
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