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Beautiful keep sake films.

This is a perfect introduction to capturing video on your normal DSLR or mirror less camera in an easy simple format. I'm not about lots of gear and technical stuff, I'm all about the pretty outcome in the easiest way possible.

If you are new to recording video, you might be worried about settings, shake and blur but I promise you can get going with this super quickly. My examples are mainly around family work, but you can easily apply the learning to other genres like weddings and commercial work too.

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Course content

Short and simple modules

After delivering this really popular course in person, this is now your chance to join online anytime, anywhere.

You will get:
  • Access to training materials for a minimum of 6 months
  • Opportunity to ask questions in every module that I will answer
  • Book extra 1-2-1 if you wish

Who is it for?
  • Photographers who are interested in learning how to record on their cameras for both business and personal use. I use film/video all the time in both my business and for us as a family.
  • Family films are excellent for Mums who carrying around those "not good enough" feelings (evidence for the future that you were great!)
  • Families that travel
  • Families living abroad

You will be ready to go immediately
  • Settings explained in simple terms
  • How to handle shake and blur.
  • Story telling

Video editing has a bad reputation, again I promise there is an easy option.
  • Work flow and adding wow
  • How to edit in Davinci Resolve (free version)
  • How to edit in Stripe on your mobile phone

  • DSLR, mirrorless or even just a good mobile phone

The opportunities for video are immense.
It is such a creative and indulgent media, and nothing brings back memories better than video. Hearing the sounds and seeing the movements takes you right back to that moment.
Quickly create gorgeous keep sake family films either for your clients, from your holiday, just baking at home or capturing Christmas.
Share your films with family abroad and indulge in the memories when you re-discover the film many years down the line.

The "not good enough" mums
We carry around huge amounts of "not good enough" at all kinds of things, but everything about being a mum comes with buckets of opportunities to feel not good enough. Using keep sake films to intentionally shape your memories is like leaving a parcel to your future self to discover - a parcel that proves that you were in fact entirely good enough at this phase of life!

For the future
Keep sake films are not just for you, they are also heirlooms for your children. Imaging finding a film showing your parents when they where children, showing their everyday life?

Taking your videos from "everyday" to more wow, is in fact quite simple, and available to all of us. This course will cover exactly how to add wow when recording your footage and also how to add wow when editing your footage.

If you have any questions you are very welcome to get in touch, my email is [email protected].
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From 1-2-1 training

Recording & editing


I just needed someone to put me on the path

Annie Bee Photography

I dead to think how much time and money I have both spent and wasted trying to “teach myself” all this.
Me? I didn’t need a teacher. What a waste of money! At the end of the day I’m a pro-photographer. I have been for 35 years. I have skills. I have the equipment. I just needed to buckle down and get to grips with it. Right?


What I needed was a genius. And I didn’t even need a genius for long! I jut needed someone who could get inside my head, see what I was trying to achieve, take the camera off me and set it up correctly (technology is, without doubt, my kryptonite), hand it back, put me on the path and gently push me off towards an exciting new world… like a child with stabilisers off the bike for the very first time.

Without doubt Dote is a genius on every level, both in this medium and as a trainer. Her Family Film have been know to reduce me to tears… and it’s now even MY family in them! She is a beautiful mix of Scandinavian calmness, tranquil efficiency and comforting hygge!

What more can you ask?!

My biggest regret? Not doing the training years ago.

I was able to immediately go out and start filming

Wildair portraits

I did the online course super fast and was able to immediately go out and start filming with my current equipment.

I also did a remote 1-2-1 follow up on editing, and feel I can now create films for my clients and also for my own marketing materials.

We'll treasure them for years

by R. Woods

I loved taking part in Dorte's Capture Life, family video course. I take so many photos already, I've always got my phone to hand, and really, nothing immortalises precious memories more than film. The course gave me the confidence to film, how to film, the importance of story telling and ways to make the final video that bit more special. I loved it. I've already recommended it to family and friends. I've definitely not finished learning, and my films aren't perfect, but I'm so pleased to have created these mini memories for myself and my family. I think we'll treasure them for years

Delegate video

After doing online course

What is family film?

An extension of family photography

I don't think we will ever replace still images with video, but I think we will get to a point where clients will take for granted that photographers can offer both together.
Family film and keep sake films are like a beautiful polished version of the old camcorder family films. The families get an emotional time capsule that allows them to revisit this phase of their life forever. It's a truly priceless gift we can offer our clients.

Example video

Family film


  • 1

    Before you start

    • Welcome to the course

  • 2

    Family film

    • What's the point

    • What to film - personal

    • Planning a client film

    • Planning a family film

    • Planning Sheet - Family

    • Sample film - personal Basel, recorded on my phone

    • Sample film - personal. Norfolk, mix of phone and DSLR

    • Sample film - studio

    • Sample film - personal snow

    • Sample film - client at home

    • Sample film - maternity client

  • 3

    Getting ready

    • Gear

    • Camera Settings made simple

    • AE/AF Lock tip

    • Cheat sheets

  • 4


    • Story telling

    • Shake & blur tips

    • Shake & Blur fix

    • Transitions

    • Composition

    • Lighting

    • Audio

    • Hacks

    • Cheat sheet- adding wow

    • Movement & Effects

  • 5


    • Adding wow in editing

    • Music

    • Software & Apps

    • Pulling it all together

    • Editing in the Splice App

    • Editing in DaVinci Resolve

    • DaVinci Resolve - Slowing your footage down

    • The final film

    • Cheat sheet - pulling it all together

    • Cheat sheet adding wow in editing

    • Cheat Sheet Music

    • Cheat sheet - Apps & software

  • 6


    • Shooting both stills & video

    • Recording BTS