• 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

  • 2

    Family section

    • Family welcome

    • What to film

    • Planning a family film

    • The final film

    • Planning Sheet - Family

    • Sample film. Basel, Switzerland, recorded on my phone

    • Sample film. Denmark, recorded on my phone

    • Sample film. Norfolk, mix of phone and DSLR

    • Sample film. Recorded on the DSLR, for a customer.

    • Sample film. Everyday keep sake film

    • Sample film. Keep sake, DSLR footage.

  • 3

    Brand section

    • Brand welcome

    • Brand film formats

    • Planning a brand film

    • Planning Sheet - Branding

    • Sample film. Product video, recorded on the DSLR

    • Sample film. Recorded on the DSLR for customer

    • Sample film. Bite size event video. Phone footage.

    • Sample film. Bite size product video, phone footage.

    • Sample film. Bite size video, phone

    • Sample film. BTS for a customer, DSLR footage.

    • Sample film. Stop motion, phone footage

    • 25 video Ideas

  • 4

    Getting ready

    • Phone vs. DSLR (big camera)

    • Geeky settings

    • DSLR Settings

    • Gear and gadgets

    • The very basic

    • AE/AF Lock tip

    • Cheat sheets

  • 5


    • Adding wow when recording

    • Story telling

    • Transitions

    • Composition

    • Light & movement

    • DSLR tips

    • Audio

    • Hacks

    • Cheat sheet - Gear

    • Cheat sheet- adding wow

  • 6


    • Adding wow in editing

    • Music

    • Software & Apps

    • Pulling it all together

    • Stop animations

    • Editing in the Splice App

    • Editing in DaVinci Resolve

    • DaVinci Resolve - Extra

    • Cheat sheet - pulling it all together

    • Cheat sheet adding wow in editing

    • Cheat Sheet Music

    • Cheat sheet - Apps & software

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Course content

Simple ways to creating beautiful emotional videos.

You can use your mobile phone or any camera. The techniques are exactly the same, and I will cover the main difference between using a phone vs. a "real" camera. I personally use my phone for video all the time.
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Course content

Family & branding

After delivering this really popular course in person last year, this is now your chance to join online anytime, anywhere.

You will get:
  • Weekly live Q&A
  • Facebook group access for a minimum of 6 months
  • Access to training materials for a minimum of 6 months

Suitable for:
  • Mobile phone and DSLR camera
  • Family & branding

The principles for recording and editing are the same for both family and branding films. The main difference is in how you plan your film, and there is a module for planning both.
The opportunities for video are immense. It is such a creative and indulgent media, that has the most powerful message. If you have a phone, then you are equipped to make lovely little films for both your family and your business.
Taking your videos from "everyday" to more wow, is in fact quite simple, and available to all of us. This course will cover exactly how to add wow when recording your footage and also how to add wow when editing your footage.

What isn't covered
This course is all about creating videos that has a "film" feeling. The focus in on how you film your footage and put it together in beautiful ways. This course is NOT about using Facebook/Instagram live, and it will not cover things like which ring light to buy!

If you have any questions you are very welcome to get in touch, my email is
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